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Yesterday I came back weighing 228. The first time I’ve been under 230 lbs. in a really long time. It was my first moment of inspiration, the first moment I really wanted it. Or at least, wanted it and felt like I could do it. Before I go off to the weight room, here’s some inspirational music:



Alright kids, keep lifting! See you later today.


Tonight’s Workout, Plus Some Training Montage Goodness

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Tonight, just as I was leaving for the gym, I glanced at my Facebook and saw a training montage posted by fellow Monk Giotto83 and Steve  from the Nerd Fitness message boards.

It was seriously inspirational, if I did find the music a little lacking. However, it reminded me of one of my favorite training montages of all time, the one that just about every kung fu and action flick after has been modeled on — none other than The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, or as it is sometimes known here in the U.S., Shaolin Master Killer.

After watching these videos, of course I had to watch one of my favorite sword battles of all time, from one of the best movies of all time, Kirk Douglass vs. Tony Curtis in the 1958 classic, The Vikings.

Kirk Douglass is the best movie Viking ever. Just saying.

Anyways, onto tonight’s workout. I went out to the gym to clock in some weight lifting in between finishing up a project for work. Here’s what I did:

Tricep Dips – 3x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.

Chest Press – 2x 15 reps @ 20 lbs.

Dorsal Rows – 2x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.

Burpees – 2 with good form. I died on the 3rd one. These things have always been my kryptonite, so a new mini-goal is getting up to 15 burpees by the end of the motnh with good form.

Overhead press – 2x 16 reps @ 12 lbs.

Jumping Jacks – 50 (a new personal best)

Crunches w/ 8 lbs. medicine ball on my chest – 31 (another new personal best)

Planks – 2x 30 seconds each

Bicep curls – 1x 8 reps @ 15 lbs. on right side.

1x 6 reps @ 15 lbs on left side

(This is a lot heavier that I did last time, and it was a real struggle. However, I’m counting it as a succees).


30 lb. Kettlebell dead lift – 10 reps (right side); 8 reps (left side)

Jumping Rope – 15 seconds. (Another personal kryptonite. Definitely going to work on this one considering what a challenge it is.)


So there you have it, kids. Now I’m gonna go cook dinner and finish my project for work tomorrow.

Reporting for 12/30 and 12/31

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Happy New Year’s, everyone! I just want to report how I did on 12/30 and 12/31.

As a recap, on 12/30 I went and lifted weights at the rec center, satisfying my goal this week of lifting weights twice. I had granola for breakfast, some soup and chips for lunch, and for dinner I had pork tenderloin, rice, and black beans. I also ate some chips. My grade for today is a C+, because while I exercised, I still indulged in junkfood.

12/31, not unexpectedly, was a very bad day. I did not really exercise at all. I had granola for breakfast and a B.L.T. for lunch, but after that it spiraled into chaos and disaster. Staying out all day socializing led to butter cookies and chips. A party later that night led to those dastardly sweet alcoholic beverages often referred to as b**** bombs here in my next of the woods (Mike’s hard lemonade, stuff like that). I don’t know how many I drank, but judging from how soundly I slept and how late I woke, definitely a ton. At 200 calories a pop, I probably drank away whatever small gains I’ve made. New Year’s Eve was a resounding F.

But rather than be depressed about it, I’m going to be a big girl, pull myself up by my bra straps, and start being good again today. Today’s plan: sprints. Today’s eating: conscientious and healthy. See you on the other side, biznatches.

The Nerd Fitness 28-Day Challenge

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I’m moving over from my old blog at Sour Mead here to chart my saga as I work to become fitter, leaner, and meaner. Just before Christmas I made a pledge to myself:

I pledge to eat healthy foods, just enough so I am full, and to exercise. I pledge to take joy in my body. Io Mars. Io Hermes. Io Dionysos.

You’re all probably wondering how I managed over Christmas. Well, the day before we left for South Carolina, I ran sprints and did some crunches, jumping jacks, and push-ups. Not a huge start, but a start. I spent Christmas in South Carolina among Fencer’s (my fiancee’s) family–and oh my god, do they eat in that state. I was at a party Christmas eve, and they gave us trays, not plates. I managed to do OK on portion size, but NOTHING there was healthy–even the vegetables were fried in bacon fat. Bad for me, yes. Delicious, yes. So I’ll say Christmas weekend was a wash–I didn’t get a whole lot done.

So once we were back home, I went back to a website called Nerd Fitness that I started visiting in July but haven’t done  a whole lot with. It just so happened that the day I went to read Steve’s blog that the next 28-Day Nerd Fitness Challenge was starting. Without much more thought, I signed up.

The challenge works like this. You make a list of goals you would like to meet in the next 28-days, and then report back on your progress as the month progresses. If you’re voted the best, I think you get a T-shirt or something nifty like that. Anyways, here are my goals:


1) Cut the junk simple carbs (like bread, pastries, and pasta) and replace it with jasmine rice, whole oats, and barley.
2) Eat a piece of fruit with breakfast so I don’t splurge on junk food at lunch.
3) Stop eating when I feel full, and not beyond that.
4) As a more longterm goal, learn to recognize when I am full so I stop over-eating.
5) Start lifting free weights 2x a week.
6) Fence at HEMA practice twice a week.
7) Run sprints twice a week, including intervals and mule trains.

My weight when I started out last week was 235 lbs.. My goal weight is 140 lbs.

The people on the forum are pretty great and supportive. What I love is how the entire board is filled with nerdy references. If only they could do an entire post of Dune references, it would make me happy. For now, let me say this: my gom jabbar has a bag of Doritos in it.

The 28-Day challenge started on 12/27, making today Day 4. So far, today has been a totally awesome day for the challenge.Two days ago I signed up at the rec center for a membership to their weight room. Today’s the second day I went and lifted weights, meeting my weightlifting goal for this week. Here’s what I did:

5-minute sprint to warm up

30 jumping jacks

2 sets of 15 dorsal fly’s with a 15-lb barbel

3 sets of 15 tricep dips with a 15-lb barbel

3 sets of 12 bicep curls with a 10-lb barbel

2 sets of 12 bench presses with 10-lb barbels

25 crunches with an 8-lb medicine ball on my chest

2 20-second planks on a Bosu ball

I think that’s a respectable workout. I had granola and a banana for lunch, baked potato soup and some Sun chips for lunch, and a tangerine for a snack. I feel pretty full, but so far the day is going well. The members of Monks: Team Fedaykin over at the board have been great.

I also weighed myself today at the rec center. Today’s weigh-in: 231.5 lbs. We’re moving in the right direction, kids.

How are you guys leveling up YOUR lives?