Reporting for 12/30 and 12/31

Happy New Year’s, everyone! I just want to report how I did on 12/30 and 12/31.

As a recap, on 12/30 I went and lifted weights at the rec center, satisfying my goal this week of lifting weights twice. I had granola for breakfast, some soup and chips for lunch, and for dinner I had pork tenderloin, rice, and black beans. I also ate some chips. My grade for today is a C+, because while I exercised, I still indulged in junkfood.

12/31, not unexpectedly, was a very bad day. I did not really exercise at all. I had granola for breakfast and a B.L.T. for lunch, but after that it spiraled into chaos and disaster. Staying out all day socializing led to butter cookies and chips. A party later that night led to those dastardly sweet alcoholic beverages often referred to as b**** bombs here in my next of the woods (Mike’s hard lemonade, stuff like that). I don’t know how many I drank, but judging from how soundly I slept and how late I woke, definitely a ton. At 200 calories a pop, I probably drank away whatever small gains I’ve made. New Year’s Eve was a resounding F.

But rather than be depressed about it, I’m going to be a big girl, pull myself up by my bra straps, and start being good again today. Today’s plan: sprints. Today’s eating: conscientious and healthy. See you on the other side, biznatches.


~ by sourmead on January 1, 2011.

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