Tonight’s Workout, Plus Some Training Montage Goodness

Tonight, just as I was leaving for the gym, I glanced at my Facebook and saw a training montage posted by fellow Monk Giotto83 and Steve  from the Nerd Fitness message boards.

It was seriously inspirational, if I did find the music a little lacking. However, it reminded me of one of my favorite training montages of all time, the one that just about every kung fu and action flick after has been modeled on — none other than The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, or as it is sometimes known here in the U.S., Shaolin Master Killer.

After watching these videos, of course I had to watch one of my favorite sword battles of all time, from one of the best movies of all time, Kirk Douglass vs. Tony Curtis in the 1958 classic, The Vikings.

Kirk Douglass is the best movie Viking ever. Just saying.

Anyways, onto tonight’s workout. I went out to the gym to clock in some weight lifting in between finishing up a project for work. Here’s what I did:

Tricep Dips – 3x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.

Chest Press – 2x 15 reps @ 20 lbs.

Dorsal Rows – 2x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.

Burpees – 2 with good form. I died on the 3rd one. These things have always been my kryptonite, so a new mini-goal is getting up to 15 burpees by the end of the motnh with good form.

Overhead press – 2x 16 reps @ 12 lbs.

Jumping Jacks – 50 (a new personal best)

Crunches w/ 8 lbs. medicine ball on my chest – 31 (another new personal best)

Planks – 2x 30 seconds each

Bicep curls – 1x 8 reps @ 15 lbs. on right side.

1x 6 reps @ 15 lbs on left side

(This is a lot heavier that I did last time, and it was a real struggle. However, I’m counting it as a succees).


30 lb. Kettlebell dead lift – 10 reps (right side); 8 reps (left side)

Jumping Rope – 15 seconds. (Another personal kryptonite. Definitely going to work on this one considering what a challenge it is.)


So there you have it, kids. Now I’m gonna go cook dinner and finish my project for work tomorrow.


~ by sourmead on January 4, 2011.

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